“What does a woman of faith and a heathen biker have in common? The devil, of course.”  This is the tagline for Dana Pratola’s The Covering.  In Dana Pratola’s The Covering you will be introduced to a Christian woman named Tess who is looking to make a change in her life. Since God often has a sense of humor, her change comes in the form of a 6'2" tattooed motorcycle builder - Gunnar. Gunnar is hostile and arrogant and up to this point his only contact with a spiritual realm are demonic visitations that drive him to the brink of suicide. Though she is inexplicably attracted to Gunnar, Tessa wants nothing to do with him. But God commissions her to pray a covering over him to keep him alive long enough to fulfill His purpose and Gunnar's destiny.

The Covering was written with the hopes that others will see that God isn't mad at anyone. Our pasts are to be left in our past.  No matter what we've done, God is waiting for us to come to Him. Pratola based this book around Romans 5:8 and she hopes it will open the eyes of believers, as well as non-believers, to the reality of the spirit realm and that we aren't designed to be passive about our faith, but aggressive.

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07/17/2013 6:29am

The Covering sounds like a book I definitely want to read!

07/19/2013 8:19pm

This sounds like a good Christian book. I believe in the power of covering someone in prayer.

07/19/2013 8:25pm

I better win. I wanna read this. If I don't win I'm never participating again -_-

07/21/2013 8:51am

I would love to add this book to my collection to read and review..


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